Symposium on Disaster Risk Reduction

Symposium: Disaster Risk Reduction

Date: 14 October 2018

Time: TBC

Hall: TBC

Nepal’s geological setup and meteorological factors make it prone to many natural disasters such as earthquakes, landslides and flood. The country needs to seriously improve on disaster mitigation and implementation policies. Disaster reduction will require enhancing public awareness on disaster preparedness, understanding policy issues, and identify post-disaster reconstruction challenges. This session will discuss disaster related issues from policy and implementation perspectives and suggest disaster mitigation measures.

Contact Information for symposia:
Coordinators: Mr Ajaya Dixit, Institute for Social and Environmental Transition, Nepal; Dr Netra Prakash Bhandari, Ehime University, Japan


Program Schedule

Symposium 2: Disaster Risk Reduction
14 October 2018, 08:15 - 12:50, Marva Hall
Session A: Disaster risk reduction policies and strategies, Chair: Mr Sushil Gyawali; moderation, Dr Netra Prakash Bhandary
Tea & Networking
Ganga Lal Tuladhar, DrDimensions of Newly Formed Disaster Policy in NepalFormer Minister of Education, Chair of High Level National Commission on Education, Nepal
InvitedBanshi Acharya, MrDisaster risk reduction policy in Nepal and implementation challengesUnder Secretary, Disaster Management Division, Ministry of Home
InvitedMoti Lal Rijal, Dr Disaster risk reduction strategy in Chure-Terai region of NepalMember, President Chure-Terai Conservation Development Committee & Central Department of Geology, TU
InvitedDinanath Bhandari, MrLinkage between climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction strategy Practical Action Nepal (Climate Change and DRR)
InvitedSurya Bahadur Thapa, MrRole of civil society network in disaster risk reduction activities National Disaster Management Network of Nepal (DiMaNN)
ContributedMadhu Sudan Acharya, Dr An innovative green solution for the protection of landslides and erosion control in NepalUniversity of Natural Resources and Life Science, Vienna,
ContributedPrashant Paudel, MrAgro-forestry as a measure to enhance drought adaptationAgriculture and Forestry University
Tea break
Session B: Earthquake, Chair: Mr Sushil Gyawali; moderation: Dr Netra Prakash Bhandary
InvitedSurya Narayan Shrestha, MrLesson and achievement from earthquake management in NepalExecutive Member, National Society for Earthquake Technology (NSET)
Contributed Peetambar Dahal, DrImmediately implementable complementary Dry-Chain intervention for disasters and normal periodsUniversity of California,
ContributedMukti Suvedi, MrCritical success factors for post disaster housing reconstruction and recovery: A community perspective from central hills of Nepal Humber College,
Panel Discussion and Q&A
SummarySushil Gyawali, HonCEO, Reconstruction Authority