12 October (evening): Inauguration Session                                                                            

Chief guest- Hon. Prime Minister (To be confirmed)

Keynote speech: A world-renowned expert



13 October: Plenary sessions

Plenary Session 1:

Upgrading GoN’s S&T policies to invite & encourage knowledge transfer and investment

Plenary Session 2:

Nepal’s current state of knowledge-based economy & long-term development pathways

Plenary Session 3:

NRNA S&T initiatives for efficient transferring of Diaspora knowledge & innovation

Plenary Session 4:

NRNA’s Nepal Policy Institute and advising GoN on all areas of developmental policies  



14 October: Thematic symposia and poster sessions

Symposium 1:

Knowledge investment and technology transfer for economic development

Symposium 2:

Engineering, infrastructure and urban development

Symposium 3:


Symposium 4:

Physical Sciences and Education Reform

Symposium 5:

Disaster Risk Reduction

Symposium 6:

Developing clean environment and dependable energy sources

Symposium 7:

Agricultural development and food Security



15 October 15 AM: Review and conclusion (Close session, invitees only)