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1st NRN Global Knowledge Convention

‘Expanding Nepal’s Knowledge Pool Through Diaspora’

12-14 October 2018, Kathmandu, Nepal

(Preliminary draft, not for circulation)


The Non-Resident Nepali Association (NRNA), an organization of millions of Nepalese residing outside Nepal, is an active partner of the Government of Nepal (GoN) and of Nepali people in advancing the country’s aspirations for socio-economic development. Since its inception in 2003, NRNA has attempted to bring together diaspora resources to assist in Nepal’s development efforts. In pursuit of this, it has organized numerous conferences at international and national level to explore areas of collaboration with the GoN. These conferences deliberated on diverse topics- financial investment, tourism and trade, constitution and democracy, residency and citizenship- and submitted related reports to the GoN.


With the anticipated stability of the new government and its focus on economic development, NRNA believes there is an urgency to systematize the previous knowledge sharing efforts and mobilize the diaspora’s knowledge pool to complement the GoN’s development efforts. The mobilization will augment the country’s knowledge base and help close the knowledge gap that the GoN and Nepal’s private sectors consider impediments to their development objectives. It will also lead to knowledge transfer, investment, and long term capacity building of the country.


In this context, NRNA has decided to organise the First Global Knowledge Convention to bring together NRNs with expertise in various fields of development and confer with similar experts in Nepal. The convention will be held on 12-14 October 2018 in Kathmandu, Nepal, in conjunction with the 16th NRN Day Celebrations. It is proposed that the Government of Nepal, and various stakeholders and institutions in Nepal will be convention partners.


The NRNA believes that there will be an on-going need to update new knowledge and the growing expertise in the diaspora. It is therefore proposed to hold such convention in every two years.